Today I ported all my apps over just in time for the weekend. MLID.

Today an essay that I had written was returned to me. It was supposed to be about pollution or some bullshit, but I'd decided to write it about zombies instead. I got an A+. MLID.

Today the girl I really like got a tattoo on her arm. The one reason I'm not getting with her is because my parents wouldn't approve of a Muslim girl. My friend told me that it shouldn't matter and it won't be problem. The tattoo she got said "Allahu Akbar" MLID.

Today, I went downstairs to find my dad hungover. My 55 year old dad and I proceeded to share our hilarious drunken stories for the next 2 hours. MLID.

Today in SEATTLE my group OKIZOO is performing w/ Daedelus & Kid Koala @ The Photosynthesis Festival --> Come Party w/ US MLID.

Today is my birthday, and after three years of trying to have the perfect birthday, I just let the day flow. I haven't had this good of a birthday since I was 8. My life is dope MLID.

Today I made a blog...and got no subscribers...not so dope blog name---> for todays media MLID.

Today my mean old neighbor was working on the roof. I pulled the ladder away and ran next door to watch. He was up there for at least an hour before someone was nice enough to help him.SUcker! MLID.

Today it was raining when my boss came in. She was wearing a thin white shirt. MLID.

Today I had to send like 5 bajillion emails. All of them wound up in the spam folder. I then used @sendgrid and it worked! Talk about mail enhancement. MLID.