Today I installed a forum using @vanilla and I'm loving every bit of it. If you ever need a forum, definitely check them out, yo! Forums are dope. MLID.

Today my friend who draws friggin' aliens for a living on his unaffordable, snob-ridden, crap tablet linked me to this site. MLID.

Today I got a milkshake. They gave me the extra in the metal cup. MLID.

Today, MLID.

Today MLID.

Today I got my AP exam scores back after months of anxiety over the results. I got fives on both of them! MLID.

Today I took a really good poop. MLID.

Today ate gyro pizza MLID.

Today, I woke up after having slept for thirteen hours. MLID.

Today I listened to the traditional fools all day! MLID.