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Today an essay that I had written was returned to me. It was supposed to be about pollution or some bullshit, but I'd decided to write it about zombies instead. I got an A+. MLID.

Today the girl I really like got a tattoo on her arm. The one reason I'm not getting with her is because my parents wouldn't approve of a Muslim girl. My friend told me that it shouldn't matter and it won't be problem. The tattoo she got said "Allahu Akbar" MLID.

Today, I went downstairs to find my dad hungover. My 55 year old dad and I proceeded to share our hilarious drunken stories for the next 2 hours. MLID.

Today in SEATTLE my group OKIZOO is performing w/ Daedelus & Kid Koala @ The Photosynthesis Festival --> Come Party w/ US MLID.

Today is my birthday, and after three years of trying to have the perfect birthday, I just let the day flow. I haven't had this good of a birthday since I was 8. My life is dope MLID.

Today I made a blog...and got no subscribers...not so dope blog name---> for todays media MLID.

Today my mean old neighbor was working on the roof. I pulled the ladder away and ran next door to watch. He was up there for at least an hour before someone was nice enough to help him.SUcker! MLID.

Today it was raining when my boss came in. She was wearing a thin white shirt. MLID.

Today I had to send like 5 bajillion emails. All of them wound up in the spam folder. I then used @sendgrid and it worked! Talk about mail enhancement. MLID.

Today I installed a forum using @vanilla and I'm loving every bit of it. If you ever need a forum, definitely check them out, yo! Forums are dope. MLID.

Today my friend who draws friggin' aliens for a living on his unaffordable, snob-ridden, crap tablet linked me to this site. MLID.

Today I got a milkshake. They gave me the extra in the metal cup. MLID.

Today, MLID.

Today MLID.

Today I got my AP exam scores back after months of anxiety over the results. I got fives on both of them! MLID.

Today I took a really good poop. MLID.

Today ate gyro pizza MLID.

Today, I woke up after having slept for thirteen hours. MLID.

Today I listened to the traditional fools all day! MLID.

Today my parents bought an in-ground pool for our backyard. MLID.

Today I listened to Jack Johnson for the first time. MLID.

Today I listened to Jack Johnson for the first time. MLID.

Today I cut off a guy on the highway. When he stopped his car in front of mine and got out I immediately noticed his extraordinary superhuman muscle mass. He then removed a baseball bat from his trunk and approached my front windshield. I was shitting my pants until a bird shit right on his face and he fell backwards. I drove away laughing. MLID.

Today I learned I have 8 weeks off in the summer and 2 off at the beginning of October. MLID.

Calzone with pepperoni chicken and goat cheese. MLID.

Today I was going to buy a book. Then I found out it had a $10 dollar PDF version online. I ended up getting it for free. MLID.

I'm gettin 600$ tomorrow. MLID.

Getting ribs at texas roadhouse. MLID.

Out to best buy for remote control part. Now at texas steaks for dinner. Steak and potato. MLID.

I had ribs this afternoon. Also had delicious mac and cheese and cole slaw. MLID.

There Are @ dope things that have happened In my life:) 1) Jesus Christ!! Allowimg him in my heart Forever best choice I ever made!! 2) Meeting Donnie Wahlberg!! I love that man soo much it hurts lol and I hope that everyday I do something Dope for at least One person!! MLID.

RT @firearmsthearsn My day went from terrible, to decent, to good, to THE SHIT in a matter of hours. Just made a shitload of unexpected money. MLID.

Today, my name is Karthik. MLID.

RT @ firearmsthearsn For every 1 thing that makes me say FML, i have 2 reasons to say MLID. Today is a good day.

RT @CharleneEbert: Today is that rare day in May/No clouds in the sky/not too hot-cold. Gentlest breeze. Listning to Back to You @johncmayer MLID.

Today I made this video today! MLID.

Today i was regretting the fact that I didn't get a girls number @ a party i went 2. I saw her @ a bbq and got her number along with 2 others MLID.

Today I met some amazing people, networked my ass off and made connects! MLID.

Today I woke up this morning...that was good enough! God is AWESOME!!!!!! MLID.

Today I just woke.. And turned my swagg on. =P MLID.

Today I partook in a massive sale and bought one suit. For this, I received a second one, two dress shirts and two ties for free. MLID.

Today I went to TechStars MLID.

Today I spent 15 bucks at Target. When I walked outside I found a 20 dollar bill on the ground. MLID.

Today I visited a butterfly garden, and butterflies began to perch on me as I stood there. Then they all flew away at once in a majestic fluttering mass of color. MLID.

Today at school I helped out a kid who was getting bullied. A girl who I like noticed and told me how sweet she thought I was. MLID.

Today I had nothing to do so I sat outside and got a perfect tan. MLID.