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Today I ported all my apps over just in time for the weekend. MLID.

RT @ firearmsthearsn "Snoop already told me that bitches aint shit"-Joe Budden's I Couldn't Help It. Dope ass song. Preach. Bouta chill wit my son. MLID!

Today I had lunch with a guy from Digg. MLID.

Today I got a bike for $85. It rocks. MLID.

Today some guy from facebook came and talked to us. MLID.

Today I learned how to parse emails with PHP to submit stories via email, how to integrate with twitter to automatically post stories at regular intervals, and how to automatically shorten URLs using's API so that I could post short links on twitter. MLID.

Today I posted this via email. It worked. MLID.

Today I cuddled with my boyfriend and felt so safe and warm. Nothing could have been better. MLID.

Today at work, my boss called me into her office, expressed her delight in my consistent performance and gave me a raise. MLID.

Today I purchased jelly beans and managed to choose all the good flavors at random. MLID.

Today I was walking around in the early morning and noted that the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever witnessed. MLID.

Today I was driving behind a slow car. Suddenly he and every car in front of him pulled into the right lane, like the Red Sea parting. MLID.

Today I heated up a Pop Tart, expecting an average breakfast. It was more delicious than I had ever anticipated. MLID.

Today I tossed into the air and caught in my mouth 16 consecutive goldfish crackers. MLID.